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Magnetic resonance imaging

MRIs used to be limited to human medicine, but recently they are becoming quite common for our four-legged family members, too!
Pet Health

Scotty cramp in Scottish Terriers

Scottish Terriers are a generally healthy breed, but there is one medical condition unique to their breed.
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LetÔÇÖs get physical: a primer on rehab therapy

Specially trained veterinarians and technicians use physical therapy to restore function and resolve pain.
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Orthotics and prosthetics for pets

Orthotics are orthopedic braces used to control and guide joints and limbs, and prosthetics are devices that replace a missing body part.
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Broken tails in cats

The symptoms of a broken tail are usually obvious ÔÇô you may notice a kinked, painful tail, sometimes with an open wound
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A look at proptosed eyeballs

A proptosed eyeball, otherwise known as exophthalmos, is the medical term for an eyeball that has popped out of its socket, and it's a disturbing sight.