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Is pet insurance worth it? Costs, advantages and FAQs

Americans will spend more than $18 billion on vet care this year alone.

Pet insurance review: Jessie the Tabby cat

When Jessie was just 20-months-old, her owner Eric found her hiding and vomiting whenever he touched her.

Pet insurance review: Daisy the Dachshund

A tad too smart for her own good, Daisy can unzip bags and climb things that dogs her size normally can’t. Unfortunately, that can get her in trouble.
Pet Health

Pros and cons of pet insurance

Pet insurance is a great way for pet parents to provide the best care possible for their furry family members. Here are a few things to know before signing up.
Pet Care

Pet insurance vs. preventive care

As pet owners, we do everything we can to give our furry family members the best care possible. Preventive care plans and pet insurance should be no different.
Pet Care

Pet insurance vs. pet wellness plans

Learn about the differences between pet insurance and pet wellness plans, and why each might be right for your pet.
Pet Care

Pet insurance plan basics

Scratching your head over pet insurance? You’re not alone. Here’s a primer on some common pet insurance puzzlers.
Pet Care

Financial assistance resources for pet owners

But when the budget is tight, it can be hard to factor your four-legged friends into your finances. Here are our top tips to help subsidize pet care costs.