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What does pet insurance cover?

Pet parents who have insurance for their pets are better equipped to make decisions based on what’s best for their pet rather than how it will impact their finances.
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How does pet insurance work?

Getting your pet the treatment they need, when they need it, is important — but what about the cost? That’s where your pet insurance policy comes in.
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How much does pet insurance cost?

The average cost of pet insurance can vary depending on your pet's characteristics (age, breed, location) and plan options (how much coverage you want).

Petplan pledges $100,000 to “Save Them All” campaign

Pet insurance provider joins coalition to make animal shelters throughout the nation no-kill by 2025.
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Are medications for behavioral issues covered by pet insurance?

If your pet has developed any type of behavioral affliction, your vet might prescribe a medication to help ease his symptoms and keep him safe. 
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The worst gifts you can give your pet

Nothing ruins the holiday (or the holiday budget) like an unplanned trip to the animal hospital!
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Is separation anxiety covered by pet insurance?

If your dog displays destructive behavior or acts out when you are separated from each other, it may be separation anxiety. Here's how to help.
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5 questions your vet should ask at every visit

Here are five important questions a vet should ask pet owners during almost every visit.