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Best ways to entertain pets at home

Help your pet’s mind stay fresh and strong! Take a look at some easy ways to ensure your dog or cat remains far from bored.
Pet Care

9 tips to help your dog adjust to wearing an e-collar

It may look a little funny, but can the Elizabethan collar, E-collar or “cone of shame” actually help our pets?

4 benefits of beds for dogs

For those who value a good snooze, here are a few reasons to fashion a comfortable sleeping area with fur-friendly bedding that Fido can call his own.
Pet Care

Incorporating your pets into disaster preparedness plans

As a pet parent, you're used to planning ahead for your pet, but would you be prepared to evacuate in the case of a disaster?
Pet Health

Buckle up, pup: car safety for pets

I know pet parents love having their furry family along for car rides, and sometimes it’s just unavoidable. So what’s a dog or cat chauffeur to do?

How to use clicker training to teach your dog

Clicker training is an animal training method based on behavioral psychology, where you mark and reward a desirable behavior.
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How to choose the best dog bed

Even if you allow your dog to sleep with you at night, it’s still important to give them their own personal spot in the house where they can retreat.
Pet Care

Does your pet need a good spring cleaning?

Whether your pet is part dogfish or fights tooth and nail, here are our top tricks to help make bathing a breeze.