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Are dog DNA tests worth it?

Should you have your dog’s DNA tested? What can these tests tell you, and how accurate are they?

Why your cat needs a food puzzle

What if changing the way we feed our cats by using food puzzles could make them happier?

The truth about catnip

Watching cats interact with it is a sight to behold, but many people worry about the safety of indulging their cats with a little bit of “herbal” fun.

Consider this before installing an electric fence for your dog

You’ve heard about electric or invisible fences, and maybe you have friends who use them. But is it the right tool for you?
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6 DIY window perches your pet will love

Here’s a roundup of DIY dog benches and "catios" that really got our tails wagging.
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Tips for adding a new pet to your family

Petplan along with Dr. Ernie Ward provide tips for adding a new pet to your family.
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How to boost your dog's appetite

While some dogs and cats are considered “picky eaters,” others experience inappetence due to underlying medical conditions.