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Giving your pet a vet-recommended supplement? Read this first!

Even if your pet is the picture of health, your vet may recommend nutritional supplements to bolster your pet’s good health.

A warning against retractable leashes

With the retractable leash, you have to essentially reel them in, and a lot can happen in that time.
Pet Health

On track: GPS units for pets

There are a growing number of options for tracking missing pets through small GPS transmitters that are fitted on a collar.

A new alternative to clay litter

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently found an eco-friendly use for leftover corn grains: cat litter.
Pet Health

Matters of the mouth: Petplan pet insurance on diet and dental health

Doctors agree that sugar contributes to the formation of cavities in people, but what about pets?
Pet Care

Cheat sheet: alternatives to daily brushings

When life gets in the way, here are some quick fixes for keeping pets’ teeth healthy.
Pet Health

Health helpers: supplements for every life stage

Should they be taking supplements? Advances in research say yes. But with so many choices, how can a pet parent decide what to give?
Pet Health

The dangers of bones for dogs

You can knick knack paddywhack, but if you give a dog a bone, you might find yourself rolling off to the emergency clinic.