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Read this before feeding your pet raw food

Is feeding raw food to our pets worth the risk? Many veterinarians donÔÇÖt think so, and now the United States Food and Drug Administration agrees.
Pet Health

A look at dangerous foods for pets

Some toxic things may be found right in your own kitchen that could lead to a big vet bill.
Pet Health

Could your Labor Day picnic make your pet sick?

With a few weeks of cookouts and picnics left (and holidays on the horizon), it's a perfect time to talk about A common (and serious) illness, pancreatitis.
Pet Care

5 things you need to do for your pet today

Dr. Ernie Ward explains 5 things you need to do for your pet today to help them live a longer, healthier and happier life.
Pet Care

Dogs in hot cars: facts, risks, and how to help

Even in seemingly safe conditions, the temperature inside your car can soar to life-threatening heights in minutes.
Pet Care

What to know before taking your dog for a swim

No matter where you are heading to take a quick dip (the pool, ocean, or lake), here are a few helpful things to keep in mind.

The dangers of open windows to cats

It seems all cats love window sills, and thatÔÇÖs why open windows are a particular concern for pet parents.

A warning against retractable leashes

With the retractable leash, you have to essentially reel them in, and a lot can happen in that time.