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On track: GPS units for pets

There are a growing number of options for tracking missing pets through small GPS transmitters that are fitted on a collar.

Sibling squabbles part 2: dealing with bickering pets

No matter how serious an altercation between dogs can be, there are measures you can take to ensure that they rebuild their relationship afterwards.

Sibling squabbles: how to deal with bickering pets

There are few challenges to dog ownership as heart-wrenching or difficult to deal with as when two dogs in the same household are fighting.
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A warning about the risks cannabis poses to pets

As more states consider legalizing cannabis, the risk of exposure to your pet increases, and it's important to watch what your pet eats.
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The dangers of e-cigarettes to dogs

If you thought secondhand smoke was dangerous, wait until you hear about the hazards of vaping with e-cigs around pets.
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Off the chain: how to thwart an unleashed dog

Leash laws are in place for a reason, then why do so many people pretend they donÔÇÖt exist?
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The big chill: tips to protect pets during winter weather

Follow these safety tips to protect your pets during a winter storm.
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When to worry about lumps on pets

When is a bump and/or lump on your pet something to worry about? LetÔÇÖs take a moment and tackle this very broad subject together.