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How to perform CPR on pets

The goal of CPR is to provide blood flow and oxygen to the brain and major organs of a pet who has experienced cardiac or respiratory arrest (or both).
Pet Health

Is it safe to fill pet meds at human pharmacies?

We’ve talked before about the use of online pharmacies to fill your pet’s prescriptions. Sure, they are convenient, but they’re not always reliable.

A vet’s perspective on tail docking and ear cropping

Essentially, these are cosmetic surgeries to alter a dog's looks with no medical benefit—But not everyone agrees.
Pet Health

Symptoms and treatment of rat poisoning in dogs

Cats and dogs are in double danger, as eating the rat poison is not the only way it can hurt them. Ingesting a poisoned rodent can also poison your pet.
Pet Health

The dangers of hops poisoning

With fall celebrations coming up, like Oktoberfest and local craft beer festivals, it’s important to note a serious threat to our pets – hops poisoning.
Pet Care

What to do if your dog is choking

Those few seconds of coughing are fear-inducing, for sure! But luckily, true choking events in our pets are rare.
Pet Health

High and dry: the dangers of dehydration

Dehydration can be caused by a number of factors affecting your pet’s health, or can be triggered by an isolated situation like excessive exercise.
Pet Health

Corn cob ingestion in pets

Corn cobs are the perfect size and shape to lodge in the intestine and cause all sorts of unwanted trouble.