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Thanksgiving fur all: tips to avoid a disaster

As you’re preparing your Thanksgiving feast and sitting down to eat, follow these safety tips to keep you and your pets far away from the vet clinic this season.
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Happy Howl-o'-Ween: tips for a healthy holiday

Halloween candy is a tempting, but dangerous splurge for your dog, and the howliday brings other dangers as well.‍
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Bringing attention to a deadly yet preventable disease

September 28 is World Rabies Day, an annual event to bring attention to the disease and how it affects humans and their pets.
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Toxic mushrooms and pets

While many mushrooms are not toxic, some of them are lethal when ingested, and unfortunately, our pets cannot tell the difference.
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Buzz off! The threat of mosquitoes to pets

We’ve talked several times about heartworm disease, which is spread by these pesky bloodsuckers, but mosquitoes are responsible for other diseases, too.
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Rat poisoning in pets

Rat and mouse poisons help keep the rodent population under control, but these substances are equally toxic to all other mammals, including pets and children.
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The threat of rabies

Whether it’s a rabid fox in White Plains, NY, or a bizarre beaver in a Philadelphia park, the threat of rabies is real and dangerous.