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Can dogs eat tomatoes?

While you’d probably be angry if your dog ate the last tomato off the vine, you’d also want to know if a trip to the vet was in order. So can dogs eat tomatoes?

Petplan pledges $100,000 to “Save Them All” campaign

Pet insurance provider joins coalition to make animal shelters throughout the nation no-kill by 2025.
Pet Care

Incorporating your pets into disaster preparedness plans

As a pet parent, you're used to planning ahead for your pet, but would you be prepared to evacuate in the case of a disaster?
Pet Care

Could this app save your pet's life?

Have you ever seen your dog or cat munching on a plant and thought, “Hmmm…could that be toxic?” I have good news—there’s an app for that.
Pet Health

Buckle up, pup: car safety for pets

I know pet parents love having their furry family along for car rides, and sometimes it’s just unavoidable. So what’s a dog or cat chauffeur to do?
Pet Health

8 game day party foods that are dangerous to pets

There are few things more enjoyable than gathering with friends and family to watch football on the weekend—be sure to include your pets in your planning!

Can dogs eat apples?

As you enjoy autumn apple picking, cider drinking, and (of course) pies, you may want to know if your dog can get in on the action.
Pet Health

The bird is the word: hazards of dogs eating birdseed

This week’s question comes from a policyholder whose outgoing dog loves to eat birdseed.