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5-fluorouracil toxicity in pets

The FDA has issued a statement warning pet owners about the use of the prescription medication 5-fluorouracil (5-FU).
Pet Health

Opioid epidemic puts police dogs in danger

Death by narcotics is rare for police dogs, but the recent surge in opioid arrests has increased the risks and numbers of K-9s affected.

Can cats eat basil?

Most humans love the taste of basil, and keep it close at hand for cooking. But is it safe for cats to eat?
Pet Health

What to do if your dog has a seizure

For pet owners, seizures caused by epilepsy or other medical conditions can be a frightening problem.
Pet Health

Is canned food dangerous to dogs?

Because humans and dogs share their lives, scientists wanted to know how our canine companions were faring in this BPA-laden world.

8 tips for throwing the best (and safest!) dog birthday party ever

Every dog has his day – and our canine companions’ birthdays are the most special of all. So why not go all out?

6 tips for trick-or-treating with your dog

Halloween can be a fun time to enjoy with family, friends and the kids—ever wonder how your dog can get into the fun?
Pet Care

What to do if there’s water in your dog’s ear

When we get water in our ears, we tilt our heads, hop on one foot and (usually) the water trickles out. But for our canine friends, it’s not so simple.