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Can dogs eat cheese?

While there may not be anything better than gooey cheese dripping off of a slice of pizza, is it recommended to share this delicacy with your dog?
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Can dogs eat ice cream?

Sometimes to beat the heat, we load up the old dog and head to the ice cream stand! Can we share this treat with our pups?
Pet Health

Can dogs eat strawberries?

Bursting with flavor and packed with powerful nutrients, I’m often asked if dogs can safely eat strawberries.
Pet Health

Is it safe for dogs and cats to eat bugs?

Curious pets enjoy chasing and even eating bugs around the home. These actions have a lot of pet parents wondering if it’s safe for their pets.

The truth about catnip

Watching cats interact with it is a sight to behold, but many people worry about the safety of indulging their cats with a little bit of “herbal” fun.
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Another reason to beware of ticks: Rocky Mountain spotted fever

RMSF is carried by the wood tick, the American dog tick and the brown dog tick and is transmitted to your dog (or yourself!) through the tick’s bite.

Are chlorine pools safe for dogs?

I often get asked if it’s ok for dogs to swim in the pool, and most people ask because they worry about the chlorine content.
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What to do if your pet is stung by a bee

Pets are twice as likely to be stung by a bee during the summer compared to the rest of the year. Here's are some tips on what to do if your pet gets stung.