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Safe chew toys for dogs

Chew toys help keep the teeth and gums healthy and strengthen jaw muscles.
Pet Health

Dog & cat zoomies: what are they and why do they happen?

Has your pet spontaneously raced around the house before coming to a halt? If so, you may be familiar with the zoomies.
Pet Care

What can you give dogs and cats for pain?

You don’t think twice about breaking out an over-the-counter medication and treating yourself—see why it's a different story for your pet.
Pet Care

How often should you clean your pet’s food and water bowls?

You might be surprised to find out that our pets’ food and water bowls rank in the top five germiest places in our homes.
Pet Care

Pet first aid tips

A pet first aid kit is important to have on-hand for unforeseen emergency situations. But even if you’ve built a kit – do you know how to use it?
Pet Health

3 types of household cleaners that are dangerous to pets

Most cleaners can be used safely. Of course, there are some that require your full attention.
Pet Care

Is it safe to cuddle with your pet when you’re sick?

Wondering if you spread sickness to your pet?