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Can hot pavement burn your dog's paws?

We all know the phrase “hot enough to fry an egg,” but pavement can also be hot enough to burn pets’ paws.
Pet Health

Feeling the heat: 10 potentially hazardous summer hot spots for pets

Summer is upon us, which means traveling, outdoor activities and fun in the sun—but summer can also bring a sharp uptick in pet illness and injury claims.
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7 tips for taking your pet on the road

If you’ve decided to take your pet on an adventure, here are some tips to keep your trip both fun AND safe.
Pet Care

5 tips to keep your pet safe this summer

Summer means warm weather, blue skies and cool breezes – it’s also a time our pets face significant health threats.

How to keep track of your outdoor cat

Some cats are not happy inside, and an unhappy cat can be a destructive cat. If you have an outdoor cat, make sure you follow these suggestions.

How hot is too hot for your dog?

We've put together some hot weather information to help guide you safely through the dog days of summer.

6 ways to keep your indoor cat safe and happy

Even if you have the hippest cat joint ever, some cats will still want to wander—do everything you can to ensure a reunion. 
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What you need to know about this homeopathic remedy

Good Dog is a homeopathic remedy sold at many online retailers, and it was recently pulled from Petco.