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Scratching the surface: the life of the flea

Depending on where you live, flea season is either rapidly approaching or is already upon you.
Pet Health

A look at umbilical hernias

Like all mammals, our cats and dogs do indeed have belly buttons.
Pet Health

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

Your young dog has a huge appetite, but canÔÇÖt seem to keep any weight on. What could be the cause?
Pet Health

Liver shunts in dogs and cats

To understand what a portosystemic shunt (or liver shunt) is, it helps to understand a little bit about the normal function of the liver.
Pet Health

Intervertebral disc disease in dogs

If you feel like your pet is having spinal pain, or worse, is acutely weak in the hind or front limbs, IVDD may be to blame.

Preventing and treating hairballs in cats

Occasional hairballs are normal, but if your cat is producing them often, there is likely an underlying cause that needs attention.
Pet Health

Starting from Scratch: a look at spring allergies

Spring brings the blossoming of flowers ÔÇô and a high pollen count. Unfortunately, our pets can be susceptible to the effects of pollen and other allergens.