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Petplan pet insurance presents: a sedentary life—pets and anesthesia

Anesthesia can be disconcerting—especially for pet parents who fear their animal won’t wake up. But this is a very, very remote possibility.
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How to properly pill your pets

When it comes to pet medication, some pets are relatively easy, but for the cunning canines and feisty felines, there are a few options to consider.
Pet Care

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Brush up on the importance of cat and dog dental health care.
Pet Health

Parvovirus in puppies

Canine parvovirus, or “parvo”, is one of the most significant health threats to puppies. It is also the cause of much confusion. So, what is parvo?
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Tips on dealing with ear mites

Fortunately, a trip to your vet can stop mites in their tracks.
Pet Health

3 tips to reduce seasonal allergies in pets

Similar to hay fever in humans, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies too. Here are some steps you can take to help lessen the signs.