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Pet insurance review: George the Schnoodle

George the Schnoodle was treated for heart failure. Knowing she had pet insurance, his mom didn't hesitate to say yes to his surgery and post-op care.

Does pet insurance cover declawing?

For a long time, declawing cats seemed to be the solution to stop undesirable behavior. But this procedure is starting to become a controversial topic.

Pet insurance review: Bullet the Springer Spaniel

Bullet, affectionately referred to as Bulley, required expensive medical care to preserve his quality of life as he entered his senior years.
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Signs and treatment options for knee injuries in dogs

Knee injuries in dogs are a common problem many pet owners face over the course of their pet's life.
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Does pet insurance cover soft palate surgery?

ItÔÇÖs hard to resist the sweet face of a Bulldog or a Himalayan, but their squishy appearance may also result in a hereditary condition called elongated soft palate.
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Does pet insurance cover cesarean sections?

Having a pet insurance policy in place may help pay for unexpected costs of whelping complications, such as a cesarean section, in the future.
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Does pet insurance cover cataract surgery?

Here, we give you a peek into the world of veterinary ophthalmology by addressing a common medical condition affecting the lens - cataracts.
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Does pet insurance cover surgery?

Preparing your pet for surgery may feel overwhelming and scary.