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The challenges of cage rest

Just as humans are occasionally put on bed rest for medical reasons, our pets can be subject to cage rest, too!

A vet’s perspective on tail docking and ear cropping

Essentially, these are cosmetic surgeries to alter a dog's looks with no medical benefit—But not everyone agrees.
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Let’s get physical: a primer on rehab therapy

Specially trained veterinarians and technicians use physical therapy to restore function and resolve pain.
Pet Health

Cryosurgery for pets

If you’ve ever had a wart frozen off, then you’re already familiar with cryosurgery—did you know our pets can also benefit from this procedure?.
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Advances in diagnostics: Petplan pet insurance goes inside laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is a good alternative to the surgical procedure known as an exploratory laparotomy.
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Arthroscopic surgery for pets

Arthroscopic surgery is quite common in human medicine and is becoming more common in veterinary medicine as well.
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Matters of heart: patent ductus arteriosis

To understand how PDA affects our pets, it is helpful to get a short primer (this time on fetal mammals).