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How to teach a dog to fetch

While a game of fetch may come naturally to some, others have quirky fetching habits like running away with the ball or not even wanting to fetch at all.

How to stop your dog from eating feces

Dogs are known to eat all kinds of things, ranging from truly bizarre to downright disgusting.

5 rules for walking your dog

Before you grab your leash, here are a few rules for having a successful walk—mind these manners while you’re out on a stroll.
Pet Health

10 ways to be a responsible pet parent

The very best way to be a responsible pet parent starts before you even bring your four-legged friend home.

How to stop a puppy from biting

Here’s why puppies bite and how you can stop your puppy from biting.

Your new puppy – 4 things you should do in the first 48 hours

Bringing home a new puppy is a time of great excitement! And the first 48 hours are crucial to acclimating your pup to your life. So plan accordingly!

How to potty train a puppy

Your new family member can easily become a nightmare if you don’t start housebreaking, stat!

My dog spins in circles when he gets excited—should I be concerned?

Though circling can certainly be a daily occurrence, it doesn’t necessarily make it a normal one.