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Compulsive behaviors in pets

Compulsive behavior is an abnormal response to normal stimulation, characterized by behaviors that are repetitive, consistent, and which serve no purpose.
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10 treadmill training tips for dogs

Dogs on treadmills is not a new concept; our canine companions have used treadmills (also called slat mills) to do our dirty work for decades.

Puppy love: creating the “perfect” puppy in a week

My goal in that week was to train the perfect puppy, and I did. Here’s how you can, too

The benefits of fly ball and agility for dogs

If organized activities are right up your alley, you may want to consider training your dog for flyball or agility competitions.

Should you let your dog sleep in bed with you?

Let’s consider whether sharing your bed is in your pet’s best interest. Most veterinary experts will say that it is not always a good idea.
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How to help overexcited pets calm down

What do you do with a dog who just won’t settle down?
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Submissive urination in pets

Submissive urination often occurs in puppies, but can persist into adulthood. It happens when the pet is frightened or insecure, or when greeted or picked up.

Counteracting fence line wars

Is your dog engaged in a fence line war? Find out why they occur, why they can be dangerous and learn training tips to stop them.