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Anisocoria in pets

Anisocoria is the medical term used to describe pupils of unequal size. See how it can affect the pets we love.
Pet Health

Intranasal vaccines for pets

Because intranasal vaccines are given at the site of potential infection, they are considered more protective by some veterinarians.
Pet Health

Electroretinography for pets

Electroretinography is a diagnostic test used to tell us what is happening in a pet’s eye. Learn more about how this tool can help your pet.

Swollen lymph nodes in cats

Swollen lymph nodes can occur due to any illness, but in cats it is much more common due to severe illness.
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Fluid therapy for pets

When we discuss treatment options for the various illnesses that may affect our pets, invariably fluid therapy comes up.
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It’s electric! Dr. Kim Smyth explains electrocardiograms

An electrocardiogram (also known as an ECG or EKG) is a very useful tool in your veterinarian’s arsenal for assessing your pet’s heart rhythm and rate.
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Advances in diagnostics: Dr. Kim Smyth explains ultrasounds for pets

Ultrasounds help us find the problem when your pet is under the weather, and is one of many tests on which we rely in world of veterinary medicine.
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Cleft palates in pets

A cleft palate is a congenital condition of both dogs and cats, meaning that it is present at birth.