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Sugar, sugar: Dr. Kim Smyth details the different types of diabetes

We’ve talked before about diabetes, but now let's talk a little more about the different types of diabetes that affect pets.
Pet Health

Shedding light: how dog hair can help diagnose disease

Could the key to analyzing your pet’s health lie in the hair we vacuum from our floors each day?

A vet’s perspective on tail docking and ear cropping

Essentially, these are cosmetic surgeries to alter a dog's looks with no medical benefit—But not everyone agrees.
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Acromegaly in pets

Acromegaly is a medical condition in cats and dogs that results from the overproduction of growth hormone.
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A shot in the dark: the downside of vaccine clinics

But veterinary medicine is so much more than vaccines.
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Magnetic resonance imaging

MRIs used to be limited to human medicine, but recently they are becoming quite common for our four-legged family members, too!
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Antidepressants for dogs

Many dogs are affected by their own anxieties and phobias. Antidepressants can help them feel comfortable and enjoy life the way they’re supposed to.
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5 benefits of laser therapy for pets

A growing number of veterinary practices are incorporating the use of Class IV lasers, or therapeutic lasers, into their protocols for pain management.