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Fourth of July fireworks & other dog safety tips

Dr. Aliya McCullough, Petplan’s on-staff vet, shares tips to help calm dogs during fireworks so your best friend feels safe this July 4th and every day.
Pet Health

Cytopoint allergy treatment for dogs

Got a pup with an itch that can't be scratched? A new, non-pharmaceutical treatment has been approved in the U.S.
Pet Care

7 tips for safe fun in the sun

Follow these tips from the experts at Petplan Pet Insurance to ensure your furry loved one has a happy – and healthy – summer vacation.
Pet Care

What to do if there’s water in your dog’s ear

When we get water in our ears, we tilt our heads, hop on one foot and (usually) the water trickles out. But for our canine friends, it’s not so simple.
Pet Health

Can dogs eat ice cream?

Sometimes to beat the heat, we load up the old dog and head to the ice cream stand! Can we share this treat with our pups?
Pet Care

Should you shave your dog in the summer?

See what professionals have to say about getting rid of your dog's heavy coat in the summer.