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Can hot pavement burn your dog's paws?

We all know the phrase “hot enough to fry an egg,” but pavement can also be hot enough to burn pets’ paws.
Pet Health

Feeling the heat: 10 potentially hazardous summer hot spots for pets

Summer is upon us, which means traveling, outdoor activities and fun in the sun—but summer can also bring a sharp uptick in pet illness and injury claims.
Pet Care

5 tips to keep your pet safe this summer

Summer means warm weather, blue skies and cool breezes – it’s also a time our pets face significant health threats.

How hot is too hot for your dog?

We've put together some hot weather information to help guide you safely through the dog days of summer.
Pet Care

How to protect your pet from UV exposure

We don’t often think about our pet’s exposure to UV light, but it’s important to consider year-round, especially for pets who spend a lot of time outdoors.
Pet Health

Could your Labor Day picnic make your pet sick?

With a few weeks of cookouts and picnics left (and holidays on the horizon), it's a perfect time to talk about A common (and serious) illness, pancreatitis.
Pet Care

Dogs in hot cars: facts, risks, and how to help

Even in seemingly safe conditions, the temperature inside your car can soar to life-threatening heights in minutes.
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What to know before taking your dog for a swim

No matter where you are heading to take a quick dip (the pool, ocean, or lake), here are a few helpful things to keep in mind.