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What to do if your pet is bitten by a snake

Pets may find the temptation to antagonize snakes greater than they can resist. As a result, snake bites are not uncommon in both cats and dogs.
Pet Health

Allergic pododermatitis in dogs

The warmer months bring lazy days in the sun, trips to the beach and the incessant “lick, lick, lick” of a dog with itchy feet. Sound familiar?
Pet Health

Scratching the surface: the life of the flea

Depending on where you live, flea season is either rapidly approaching or is already upon you.
Pet Health

Starting from Scratch: a look at spring allergies

Spring brings the blossoming of flowers – and a high pollen count. Unfortunately, our pets can be susceptible to the effects of pollen and other allergens.

Keeping cats clear of Easter lilies

While it is a beautiful and fragrant harbinger of springtime, if you have cats in your house, the Easter Lily is best enjoyed elsewhere.
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Buzz off! The threat of mosquitoes to pets

We’ve talked several times about heartworm disease, which is spread by these pesky bloodsuckers, but mosquitoes are responsible for other diseases, too.
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The road less traveled: summer pet travel tips

Summer time is upon us, and for many people, summer is the season for travel.