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Aliya McCullough, DVM, MS

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Heartworm disease in pets

Heartworm disease is one of the most common, deadly, yet easily preventable diseases in dogs and cats.
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Does pet insurance cover soft palate surgery?

It’s hard to resist the sweet face of a Bulldog or a Himalayan, but their squishy appearance may also result in a hereditary condition called elongated soft palate.
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Will pet insurance cover allergy testing?

If your pet suffers from allergies, your veterinarian may recommend allergy testing to determine the specific allergens responsible for the symptoms.
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Will pet insurance cover teeth cleaning?

While pet parents rely on pet insurance to help manage the cost of other bodily injuries and illnesses, can the same be said for our pet’s teeth?
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Will pet insurance cover x-rays?

Whether an X-ray is needed unexpectedly or it’s scheduled ahead of time, you can expect to pay an average of $200 depending on the medical condition.