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Dr. Ernie Ward

Pet Care

Cheat sheet: alternatives to daily brushings

When life gets in the way, here are some quick fixes for keeping pets’ teeth healthy.
Pet Health

Health helpers: supplements for every life stage

Should they be taking supplements? Advances in research say yes. But with so many choices, how can a pet parent decide what to give?
Pet Health

Noise phobias and pharmaceuticals

Increasingly, pharmaceuticals are being used to treat our four-legged family members – particularly those with noise phobias.
Pet Care

5 superfoods you should be feeding your pet

Here are the top vet-recommended foods to supplement your dogs' and cats’ diets.
Pet Care

Pet food 411: the right diet for your pet & the planet

When it comes to choosing what we feed our pets, we must also consider the impact our pets have on our planet’s resources.
Pet Care

Tips for easing pet travel anxiety

Your dog may find being in the car stressful at first. Here are tips to make your pet’s travel more enjoyable.