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Dr. Ernie Ward

Pet Health

Is bacteria making pets obese?

You’ve probably heard the adage, “You are what you eat.” Now, science has suggested a slight tweak.

The science behind cat tongues

If you’ve ever been licked by a cat, you’ve felt the thousands of tiny razor blades that dot the surface of their tongue.
Pet Health

Do dogs get bored with their toys?

After a careful sniff, prod and poke, the pup typically romps with the trinket for hours.
Pet Health

Are dog DNA tests worth it?

Should you have your dog’s DNA tested? What can these tests tell you, and how accurate are they?

What your cat's whiskers are trying to tell you

If eyes are windows into the soul, then cats’ whiskers are a telescope into their mind.
Pet Health

Can dogs and cats see color?

Can pets see colors and, on a similar note, can they watch your favorite television shows with you?
Pet Health

Are we overbreeding the bulldog?

The fact is, if we don’t change the way Bulldogs are bred soon, they may not be around much longer.

Why do dogs scoot?

Butt-dragging. Carpet-surfing. Tail-scooting. These colorful terms all describe one of our canine companions’ more common unusual actions.