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Why your dog might have a limp tail after swimming

Limber tail often occurs in dogs who have been swimming in cold water, and often causes pain a few inches from the tail base.
Pet Health

Listeriosis in pets

Listeria is probably a lot more prevalent than you may have realized.
Pet Health

The big vaccine debate spills over to pets

As the debate spills over to pets, many owners are skipping vaccines and leaving veterinarians worried about a resurgence of long-forgotten diseases.
Pet Care

What you need to know about this homeopathic remedy

Good Dog is a homeopathic remedy sold at many online retailers, and it was recently pulled from Petco.
Pet Health

Can people get tapeworms from their pets?

Tapeworms (Dipylidium caninum) are one of the most frequently diagnosed intestinal parasites in dogs and cats.
Pet Health

Food allergies in pets

Here are some of the current thoughts and typical treatment of food allergies in pets.
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Can cancer be contagious?

We donÔÇÖt often think of cancer as an infectious disease. Flu, the common cold, even herpes, you can catch. But cancer?
Pet Health

Are you walking your dog enough?

Unfortunately, there's a large part of the population who aren't hitting the pavement together, which can lead to issues such as obesity.