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Dr. Ernie Ward

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The dangers of e-cigarettes to dogs

If you thought secondhand smoke was dangerous, wait until you hear about the hazards of vaping with e-cigs around pets.
Pet Health

The subtle signs of cat kidney disease

Kidney failure (also called renal failure) is an insidious disease that often kills cats before the owner knows their kitty is sick.

A new alternative to clay litter

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently found an eco-friendly use for leftover corn grains: cat litter.
Pet Care

What to do if you got a new pet for the holidays

For everyone who recently welcomed a new four-legged friend into their life, here are some tips to help keep your pet perfect for years to come.
Pet Health

Who is healthiest? Dr. Ernie Ward discusses pedigrees and muttigrees

For my entire veterinary career I’ve held the assumption that mixed breed dogs were healthier than pure breeds. New research has vess questioning that hypothesis.
Pet Health

Shedding light: how dog hair can help diagnose disease

Could the key to analyzing your pet’s health lie in the hair we vacuum from our floors each day?
Pet Health

No-brainer: boosting brain function with foods

One of the keys to boosting brain function and maintaining mental acuity is to provide pets with healthy foods that reduce inflammation.
Pet Health

Matters of the mouth: Petplan pet insurance on diet and dental health

Doctors agree that sugar contributes to the formation of cavities in people, but what about pets?