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Dr. Kim Smyth

Pet Health

What to know if your cat has a tooth extraction

Dental disease in cats can cause pain and lead to tooth extraction, so it’s important to pounce on top of your cat’s oral health.
Pet Care

What is the best age to spay or neuter your dog?

Take a look at the benefits and risks of these surgeries and what, if any, is the best time to schedule the snip or spay.
Pet Health

Can senior cats get dementia? 6 signs of feline cognitive dysfunction

As your cat gets older, she could be changing in more ways than just growing gray hair; you may also start to notice behavior changes.

Top 10 smartest dog breeds

Have you ever wondered what the smartest dog breed is? Petplan and Dr. Kim Smyth investigate what is the smartest dog and how to estimate your dog's intelligence.

My dog spins in circles when he gets excited—should I be concerned?

Though circling can certainly be a daily occurrence, it doesn’t necessarily make it a normal one.

How to train a cat to walk on a leash

Exercise might not be a challenge for dogs who love to chase a ball, but overweight cats are a whole different beast.
Pet Health

Can dogs get lice?

If you have kids, you’re probably quite familiar with that four-letter word: Lice! If you have dogs, here's how it may affect them.

Is it safe for cats to sleep on the cable box?

A simple pleasure of cat life: sleeping on the TV. As big TVs are being replaced by flatscreens, cats can snooze on the cable box for a similar experience.