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Dr. Kim Smyth

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Dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs

Heart disease in dogs and cats is quite common, and one of the heart conditions we see quite often is dilated cardiomyopathy.
Pet Care

Finding fur-ever: why pet adoption matters

Making the decision to add a new pet to the family also means considering where to go to find your newest family member.
Pet Health

Cerebellar diseases

Here are some of the more common underlying causes of cerebellar diseases.
Pet Health

Hypoglycemia in pets

The term hypoglycemia is used to describe cases where a pet’s blood sugar drops below 70.
Pet Health

On track: GPS units for pets

There are a growing number of options for tracking missing pets through small GPS transmitters that are fitted on a collar.
Pet Health

Something smells fishy: conditions that cause a stink

Today we’ll address some of the common causes of funky pets – from head to toe – and how to get them back to smelling (and feeling) their best.
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5 common arrhythmias in dogs and cats

Abnormalities in the rhythm are called cardiac arrhythmias, and include slow heart rates, fast heart rates, and everything in between.
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Kid gloves: the cause and effect of kidney disease

Your pet’s kidneys are very, very busy. And when there is trouble with the kidneys, it affects a lot of other body systems, too.