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Dr. Kim Smyth

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The blood disorder polycythemia

Polycythemia is the medical term for an abnormally high red blood cell count.
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Cholangitis in cats

Cholangitis is the term used to describe inflammation of the biliary tree. Dr. Kim Smyth provides an informative analysis of symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options for your cat.
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Advances in diagnostics: Dr. Kim Smyth explains CT scans

Veterinary medicine of today is not your grandfatherÔÇÖs veterinary medicine.
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Anisocoria in pets

Anisocoria is the medical term used to describe pupils of unequal size. See how it can affect the pets we love.
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Treating scoliosis in pets

Scoliosis is an abnormal position or curvature of the spine, and most often it is congenital, but occasionally, it is an acquired condition (think trauma).
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Encephalitis: an inflammation of the brain

Inflammation of the central nervous system is a common cause for neurologic disease in our pets.
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Congenital brain malformations in dogs

Thankfully, congenital brain malformations are relatively rare in cats and dogs, but we'll take a brief look at the most common ones.
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The big chill: tips to protect pets during winter weather

Follow these safety tips to protect your pets during a winter storm.