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Is it safe to fill pet meds at human pharmacies?

We’ve talked before about the use of online pharmacies to fill your pet’s prescriptions. Sure, they are convenient, but they’re not always reliable.
Pet Health

Advances in diagnostics: Dr. Kim Smyth explains ultrasounds for pets

Ultrasounds help us find the problem when your pet is under the weather, and is one of many tests on which we rely in world of veterinary medicine.
Pet Health

Common glandular disorders in pets

Endocrine glands produce hormones that control all kinds of activities in the body.
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Cleft palates in pets

A cleft palate is a congenital condition of both dogs and cats, meaning that it is present at birth.
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Pyoderma in pets

Pyoderma is a common condition in dogs, and also occurs less commonly in cats. It’s a fancy medical term for a bacterial infection of the skin.
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Yeast overgrowth in pets

A pet’s body is home to a plethora of bacteria and yeast, both inside and out.

Solicitation purring in cats

Cats have many endearing qualities: They are adorable. They are curious. They are independent. And they are persistent!
Pet Health

Sugar, sugar: Dr. Kim Smyth details the different types of diabetes

We’ve talked before about diabetes, but now let's talk a little more about the different types of diabetes that affect pets.