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A tough spot: Dalmatian leukodystrophy

Though it’s extremely rare (and a little difficult to say!) knowing a bit about the disease may help you recognize it or similar conditions if you have a Dalmatian.
Pet Health

Bilateral conditions in pets

We hope for illnesses to be small and contained, but sometimes conditions are what we call ‚Äúbilateral,‚ÄĚ or occurring on both sides (right and left) of our pets.
Pet Health

Detecting cardiac disease in pets

Whatever the cause of cardiac disease, early detection is key.
Pet Care

Compulsive behaviors in pets

Compulsive behavior is an abnormal response to normal stimulation, characterized by behaviors that are repetitive, consistent, and which serve no purpose.
Pet Health

10 treadmill training tips for dogs

Dogs on treadmills is not a new concept; our canine companions have used treadmills (also called slat mills) to do our dirty work for decades.
Pet Health

Let’s get physical: a primer on rehab therapy

Specially trained veterinarians and technicians use physical therapy to restore function and resolve pain.
Pet Health

Zeuterin: an alternative to traditional neutering

A new product may change how you think about having your male dog neutered.
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Acral lick dermatitis in dogs

Acral lick dermatitis is a very frustrating skin condition we see relatively commonly in our canine companions when dogs continually lick an area of skin.