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Dr. Kim Smyth

Pet Health

The danger of dogs riding in the back of pickup trucks

While it might seem like fun for four-legged friends to ride in the pickup bed, the dangers far outweigh the risk.
Pet Health

Tooth root abscesses in pets

Tooth root abscesses are nothing to shake a stick at. In fact, a stick might be what got your dog into this “sticky” situation in the first place!
Pet Health

Immune mediated hemolytic anemia in pets

Immune mediated hemolytic anemia (or IMHA) is a life-threatening blood disorder. To understand this long-named disease, let’s break it down into parts.
Pet Health

Can cats eat dog food?

It’s a question I've been asked many times as a veterinarian...
Pet Care

Dominant paws in pets

Have you ever wondered “Is my pet right-pawed or left-pawed?” (Or did you even know your pets had a paw preference?).
Pet Health

Fatty liver disease in cats

One of the most common conditions requiring the placement of a feeding tube is hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver disease.
Pet Health

Feeding tube use in pets

Feeding tubes provide nutritional support for our pets when they are too ill to eat, or when they have lost their appetite for one reason or another.