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Dr. Kim Smyth

Pet Care

Tips for a safe vacation with pets

For many of us, going on vacation just isn’t the same without our four-legged family members.

Keeping cats clear of Easter lilies

While it is a beautiful and fragrant harbinger of springtime, if you have cats in your house, the Easter Lily is best enjoyed elsewhere.
Pet Health

Dealing with bloody stools

Seeing blood in your pet’s stool can be quite alarming, and it’s worth a call to your veterinarian.
Pet Health

Feline cardiac disease

Feline cardiac disease can be heartbreaking for many reasons, but most upsetting is that it is so often undetected.
Pet Care

Advice on introducing pets and new babies

Dogs and cats who are used to being the center of attention may bristle at the cooing cutie stealing all of their thunder.
Pet Health

The dangers of bones for dogs

You can knick knack paddywhack, but if you give a dog a bone, you might find yourself rolling off to the emergency clinic.
Pet Health

Calling the shots: vaccine side effects

But just like us, pets can have side effects too, so it’s important to know the signs so you can contact your veterinarian if necessary.
Pet Health

Vomiting versus regurgitation

Vomiting versus regurgitation is an important distinction to make, as their causes can be much different. So what’s the difference?