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Dr. Kim Smyth


Why your cat needs a food puzzle

What if changing the way we feed our cats by using food puzzles could make them happier?
Pet Care

What to do if there’s water in your dog’s ear

When we get water in our ears, we tilt our heads, hop on one foot and (usually) the water trickles out. But for our canine friends, it’s not so simple.
Pet Health

What your dog’s hair loss says about their health

Hair loss (or alopecia) in dogs can be more than just an unsightly nuisance — it could signal an underlying issue.
Pet Health

Lungworm in pets

There are several species of lungworms, but they mostly act the same way. And yes, they are actually worms!

Can dogs eat cheese?

While there may not be anything better than gooey cheese dripping off of a slice of pizza, is it recommended to share this delicacy with your dog?
Pet Health

Can dogs eat ice cream?

Sometimes to beat the heat, we load up the old dog and head to the ice cream stand! Can we share this treat with our pups?
Pet Health

Could your pet have fall allergies?

Though most of us associate allergies with springtime, fall can also trigger an itch in our dogs and cats who develop seasonal allergies.
Pet Health

Is it safe for dogs and cats to eat bugs?

Curious pets enjoy chasing and even eating bugs around the home. These actions have a lot of pet parents wondering if it’s safe for their pets.