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Dr. Kim Smyth


Tear stains: causes and how to get rid of them

Small dogs have some particularities we don’t see in big dogs, and we’re going to talk about a very visible issue of some small dogs—tear stains.

How to stop your dog from eating feces

Dogs are known to eat all kinds of things, ranging from truly bizarre to downright disgusting.
Pet Health

The truth about at-home pet diagnostic tools

The pet community was all up in paws when the startup company, Petnostics, landed a $300,000 investment on the popular TV show, Shark Tank.

Why do dogs eat grass?

Find out why dog's eat grass. Dr. Kim Smyth explains the potential reasons for grazing and whether it is cause for concern.
Pet Care

What can you give dogs and cats for pain?

You don’t think twice about breaking out an over-the-counter medication and treating yourself—see why it's a different story for your pet.

Collar or harness: which is best for your dog?

When it comes to collars and harnesses, your four-legged fashionista has a veritable smorgasbord from which to choose.