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Why pets are afraid of thunder and how to help

Thunderstorms may be exciting to watch, but for pets who are thunder phobic, even a storm far off on the radar can ruin their entire afternoon.
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How to bathe your dog (and actually make it fun!)

Follow these tips to make a splash your pet will love while achieving a squeaky clean.
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The ultimate pet-friendly guide to Los Angeles

Whether your dog is itching to get his paws on the Walk of Fame or just needs a laid-back change of pace, Los Angeles has plenty to offer pets and people alike.
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A pet-friendly guide to Orlando

Sunny Orlando is just the ticket for pooches who love to soak up some rays while out on the town.
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Pets are for life, not for Christmas

A cute kitten or tongue-wagging puppy may look like the perfect Christmas present, but the decision to bring a pet home is best made after the holidays

A pet-friendly guide to San Francisco

There’s a little something for every two- and four-legged visitor to The Golden Gate City.
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Is separation anxiety covered by pet insurance?

If your dog displays destructive behavior or acts out when you are separated from each other, it may be separation anxiety. Here's how to help.
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Can dogs eat carrots?

Carrots: they’re not just for rabbits anymore!