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Pet insurance review: Lazlo the mixed breed

When LazloÔÇÖs face swelled beyond recognition, his mom had her suspicions regarding the root of the problem.

Pet insurance review: Freya the Domestic Longhair

8-month-old Freya suffered from an upper respiratory infection that quickly turned into pneumonia. Her family relied on pet insurance to cover her treatment.
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Pet fire safety tips

Did you know that 500,000 pets are affected by fires every year?
Pet Care

How to get pet insurance

These tips will help guide you through the enrollment process, from the questions to ask to how to purchase a policy.

Pet insurance review: Cherokee the mixed breed dog

Meet Cherokee, also known as "Cherry", the dog who was injured taking on a pack of coyotes by herself.

Petplan Veterinary Excellence Awards

Caring for sick and injured animals is not easy: It demands long hours and unwavering dedication.