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Can cats eat basil?

Most humans love the taste of basil, and keep it close at hand for cooking. But is it safe for cats to eat?
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Does your pet need a good spring cleaning?

Whether your pet is part dogfish or fights tooth and nail, here are our top tricks to help make bathing a breeze.
Pet Health

Cyberknife treatment for pets with cancer

CyberKnife radiation is delivered via an “intelligent” arm so accurate it can target the cancer within a 1-5 millimeter tissue margin.

Cooldown cubers recipe for dogs

Looking to treat your dog to a homemade snack on a warm day? Try this recipe for Cooldown Cubers from Dr. Ernie Ward!

One-ingredient homemade dog treat recipes

Try Dr. Ernie Ward’s nutritious whole-food recipes for an easy, mess-free and wag-worthy snack.
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How to read pet food labels

Does “premium” and “gourmet” actually mean anything when it comes to your pet’s food? Are “natural” and “organic” foods really healthier?
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A pet-friendly guide to Philadelphia

If you’re visiting Philadelphia with pets, you’ll find there’s a lot to explore with your furry best friend.
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How to handle hot spots in pets

Constant scratching, licking and biting at a certain patch of skin might mean that your pooch is suffering from - or at risk of developing - a hot spot.