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Jennifer Maniet, DVM

Pet Health

Can you give a dog or cat ibuprofen?

You may wonder if it’s safe for pets suffering from pain, inflammation, and fever – the answer is no!
Pet Health

Can you give a dog or cat Tylenol?

Tylenol is a popular, over-the-counter fever reducer and pain reliever, but that doesn’t make it safe for our pets.

Does pet insurance cover declawing?

For a long time, declawing cats seemed to be the solution to stop undesirable behavior. But this procedure is starting to become a controversial topic.
Pet Care

Does pet insurance cover cancer?

Cancer can be extremely expensive to treat. Pet insurance covers cancer, giving pet parents the power to fight cancer head-on with the best medical care.
Pet Health

Can dogs eat asparagus?

Pet owners naturally want their pets to eat a well-balanced diet, but is it wise to give our pets asparagus to eat?
Pet Health

Does pet insurance cover cesarean sections?

Having a pet insurance policy in place may help pay for unexpected costs of whelping complications, such as a cesarean section, in the future.
Pet Health

Can dogs eat mango?

But do mangos offer the same health benefits to our pets as they do for us? Perhaps.
Pet Care

Does pet insurance cover blood tests?

Let’s take a closer look at what blood tests are used for and how pet insurance helps with this necessary step to maintain your pet’s health.