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How to keep your dog quiet when working from home

Attention-seeking behaviors can become magnified if you're suddenly spending time together as a result of needing to work from home..

How to use clicker training to teach your dog

Clicker training is an animal training method based on behavioral psychology, where you mark and reward a desirable behavior.

3 tips for beating cabin fever with your dog

If you think you’re the only one who’s going a little stir crazy right now, think again! This time is also tough on your dog! But never fear; you can beat cabin fever together.

Can your tone of voice affect your dog’s training?

A recent study found the most effective tone to use when speaking to your new puppy.
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5 tips to stop your dog from pulling on the leash

Unruliness on a leash is one of the most common reasons people seek out professional training for their dogs.

How to stop your puppy from chewing everything

Dogs explore the world with their mouths, so chewing is a perfectly natural behavior.

6 tips for trick-or-treating with your dog

Halloween can be a fun time to enjoy with family, friends and the kids—ever wonder how your dog can get into the fun?

Consider this before installing an electric fence for your dog

You’ve heard about electric or invisible fences, and maybe you have friends who use them. But is it the right tool for you?