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Nicole Larocco-Skeehan, CPDT-KA


How to potty train a puppy

Your new family member can easily become a nightmare if you don’t start housebreaking, stat!
Pet Health

Bringing pets along for the holidays

Holidays are the perfect occasion to spend time with family and friends. There are some things you should prepare for if you're bringing pets along this year.
Pet Care

I want to take my dog to an obedience class, but he's not good with other dogs. What are my options?

Obedience classes can be a fun way for your dog to learn new skills, but what do you do if your dog is not friendly with other dogs?

4 tips for teaching your dog to swim

Here are a few training tips that you can follow to teach your dog to love the water!
Pet Health

Couch to canine 5K plan

Dogs can be great running buddies, but like pet parents, not all can jump straight from the couch to a lengthy jog without danger of injury.
Pet Health

3 exercises to help calm leash reactive dogs

Let’s talk about some training exercises that you can do to help alleviate your dog’s frustration!

This could be causing your dog to be aggressive while leashed

Many dog owners struggle with leash reactivity in their dogs.

How to decode dog park body language

This blog post will help you recognize what kind of behaviors are ok and which ones signal that it’s time to intervene.