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What to do when there’s a pet food recall

When you hear about a pet food recall, it can be scary for you and your pet. Find out how to handle a pet food recall so you and your pet can stay prepared.
Pet Health

Pros and cons of pet insurance

Pet insurance is a great way for pet parents to provide the best care possible for their furry family members. Here are a few things to know before signing up.

4 benefits of beds for dogs

For those who value a good snooze, here are a few reasons to fashion a comfortable sleeping area with fur-friendly bedding that Fido can call his own.

Try this recipe for your active, working dog

Try Dr. Ernie Ward’s recipe for Eggs-cellently Delicious Eggs to give your hard-working pup a boost with super-healthy, nutrient-rich protein sources.

Belly up to this heartwarming, homemade dog treat

Warm bellies (and hearts!) with this recipe for a homemade, nutrition-packed treat.

Top 10 Star Wars dog names

After digging through our database, we found HUNDREDS of furry friends named after ‚ÄúStar Wars‚ÄĚ characters.

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