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4 benefits of beds for dogs

For those who value a good snooze, here are a few reasons to fashion a comfortable sleeping area with fur-friendly bedding that Fido can call his own.

Try this recipe for your active, working dog

Try Dr. Ernie Ward’s recipe for Eggs-cellently Delicious Eggs to give your hard-working pup a boost with super-healthy, nutrient-rich protein sources.

Belly up to this heartwarming, homemade dog treat

Warm bellies (and hearts!) with this recipe for a homemade, nutrition-packed treat.

Top 10 Star Wars dog names

After digging through our database, we found HUNDREDS of furry friends named after “Star Wars” characters.
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A pet-friendly guide to Seattle

Planning to hit the road with Rover? If your destination is Seattle, you’re in luck!
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5 surprising myths about shelter pets

Find out why shelter pets face misconceptions about their health and characteristics as we debunk these other common shelter pet myths.
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The benefits of veterinary orthodontics

The goal of veterinary orthodontics is to ensure that your pet’s mouth functions properly without pain.
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Solutions for feeding cats with different dietary needs

It is always difficult when you are dealing with multiple cats. Here are answers to some common questions from pet parents with more than one feline friend.