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january 17-23 is veterinary team appreciation week!

Veterinary Team Appreciation Week celebrates the passion and dedication veterinary teams bring to their work, and it is the only event to recognize the entire staff of practices and hospital clinics – after all, it takes a village to keep pets healthy!

Whether it’s the veterinarian who saves a pet’s life or the practice manager whose compassion provides comfort during a difficult time, each member of a pet’s care team plays an essential role – and they all deserve our gratitude and recognition.

During the week-long event, Petplan will be reaching out to veterinary practices all over the country to thank them for their hard work and dedication – as well as hand-delivering treats (like coffee and donuts!) to hundreds of veterinary practices near our Philadelphia headquarters.

Want to get in on the goodwill? Here are just a few things you can do:

fatten their emergency fund: Many practices have a fund set up to help pay for treatments when a pet parent is experiencing extenuating circumstances (like a house fire or other emergency) or when a stray animal is brought in needing treatment. Donating dollars to help the veterinary team continue doing their work – even for an animal who has no one to pay for their treatment – is the ultimate reward.

grant their wishes: Find out if your veterinary practice has a wish list of items they need and donate what you can. Pet supplies, sanitizer and office supplies are common wish list items. Even something as simple as used bedding or towels can be used to provide warmth and comfort to an animal after surgery.

 rev their engines: 
Spending the day on your feet and dealing with emergencies takes a lot of energy – help your vet staff recharge by bringing them a box of joe! Many coffee shops sell bulk coffee for special events; pick one up and surprise your pet’s care team with a little afternoon pick-me-up.

fill their bellies: The vet staff works non-stop from the moment they walk in the door. And being on your feet all day in a caretaking role doesn’t leave a lot of time for lunch. A tray of sandwiches or treats may provide the only chance to sneak a bite to eat – and it may just get you in the running to becoming their “pet” client.

spell out your thanks: Thank you cards and notes still go a long way – as do Facebook posts and positive reviews on Google, Yelp and social media (be sure to use the hashtag  #VetTeamAppreciationWeek). Put your gratitude into words for all the care these hardworking people have given to you and your pets. Sometimes the simplest gesture can mean the most.

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Posted by Sylvia Soares
on January 20 2016 18:05

I've not been aware of Vet Appreciation Week. The neighborhood where I live generates a weekly electronic information sharing forum. I will definitely post this info to it so that more people can acknowledge their wonderful veterinary care team who keeps their "kids" well.

Posted by Debi Slaughter
on January 20 2016 14:36

Our vet and his staff are awesome I am going to be sure they know that next time I am in there. Thanks for the great idea of VetAppreciationWeek!

Posted by Stacie Muller
on January 19 2016 22:50

These are great ideas! I too, will get on board and thank my vet who has helped my Golden stay healthy and happy for 7 years tomorrow! Thank you for sharing about Vet Appreciation Week!!

Posted by Kathleen
on January 19 2016 17:02

My vet's team consists of [only] him, and his wife (who does the lab work) and 20+ cats in a LARGE industrial office building. Although it's difficult for me to be consistent, or be on time, my vet understands this, and has allowed me to help their growing practice by coming in 5 or 6 times a year, at odd hours, to deep clean their office space; and care for their cats on the nights I'm there. I feel certain that one of my older cats would not be alive today, if it weren't for this vet, and I asked to be able to show my appreciation in a way that would make their life's easier.

Posted by Alan Tadlock
on January 19 2016 16:01

I think Vet appreciation week is a wonderful way to show our thanks to the great staff who work at the Deschutes Animal Clinic in Tumwater, WA. Our dog, Tessa, loves to go there and we appreciate the kind service they give our little rescue dog. Thanks for the suggestions on how we can show our appreciation to our clinic : )

Posted by Phoebe Mossey
on January 19 2016 13:44

This is such a great idea, and one that I hope catches on with lots of pet owners! I already do several of the items suggested, and in addition I put together a small photo book each Christmas with photos of my dogs taken during the year. Because I rescue senior/special-needs dogs, I give my wonderful veterinarian plenty of challenges, and I know he enjoys this small token of appreciation I give him each year. One other gesture I make is to give an annual donation in his honor to the veterinary college he attended.

Posted by Jacklyn
on January 19 2016 13:35

I love having in my life such wonderful creatures as Cats and dogs... each one in their way show their appreciation so its only right to follow that example by taking the time and thank no only their Vets but all the care takers that so wonderfully cares for all kinds of pets around the world..THANK YOU GUYS..for making those paws jump with joy and happiness..:)

Posted by Sindee
on January 19 2016 13:06

These are some great ideas. Or get a card and put money on it whenever you can and then give that to them. Save year round, I bet hat would help tremendously

Posted by Susan Leavitt
on January 19 2016 09:44

What a great idea!! I hope lots of pet parents do this. I think it's extremely important to thank those vets who treat rescue dogs and give 501(c)3 discounts for their foster dog's care. It's one very important step in getting dogs adopted...making sure they're healthy and getting them spayed/neutered and chipped. I will do so with City Vet in NYC where they took great, loving care of a foster I had this past year with severed seizures. Don't know what I would have done without them. I hope you might recognize them too.

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