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4 easy ways you can help animal shelters

4 easy ways to help animal shelters.

December 2 is National Mutt Day — a time to put our paws in the air in celebration of the mutt-igreed multitudes. Whatever you call them —mutts, mongrels, mixed-breeds, all-American dogs, Heinz 57-hounds, etc. — it’s also a chance to come to the rescue of those who don’t have a family of their own.

Here are four simple ways to help would-be best friends find fur-ever.


Shop ‘til You Drop: Whether shoppers are stocking up on Snausages® or cruising for shoes, many websites will pool moolah for furry friends at no additional cost.

  • AmazonSmile donates a portion of eligible purchases to a charity of the consumer’s choice. And with more than 3,800 pet-related causes, it’s an easy way to help dogs and cats in need.
  • Other sites to try include iGive.com and Goodsearch.com.


Lend a Paw: You may not be able to write a five figure check to an animal organization you love, but you can increase their manpower by donating your time. The less a shelter has to pay for professional services, the more money they can dedicate directly to lifesaving.

  • Are you an accountant? Volunteer to help with the books. An event planner? Lend a paw to plan a fundraiser.
  • Shelters can benefit from the skills of just about anyone – from contractors and call center representatives to social media experts and photographers. There’s never a shortage of work to be done, and not having to pay someone to do it can save your favorite organization a bundle!


Sweat for Pets: Dog parents already strut with their mutts every day – why not raise some cash while they’re at it?

  • Apps like Charity Miles or WoofTrax let pet parents earn donations for each mile they walk, run or bike for the charity of their choice.
  • Charity walks, runs and obstacle events often include available pet registration.
  • Mutt Struts, Rescue Runs, Dog Jogs and Wag’n’Walks are held in almost every town and registration is usually $25 or less.


Don’t Agonize – Organize: While cleaning out the pet cubby, pet parents can find more than lost shoes and socks.

  • Pet parents can list unwanted items on eBay through their Giving Works program, which lets sellers choose non-profit organizations to benefit from their sales.
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Posted by Sharon Hahn
on October 31 2016 10:59

Since I can no longer get to the cat shelter as often as I'd like, I make catnip toys for the shelter and fostered cats, help with fundraisers, and post flyers. All the extra manpower anyone can spare helps a lot!

Posted by Rachel McCaffrey
on July 17 2016 12:35

Another great walking app to raise money for shelters is Walk For A Dog.

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